Do not place your lid around cold water after each use. Otherwise it will be broken

This product adapts a transparent glass window lid for better usage. Make sure not to put it into cold water while it is still hot. It will cause breakage of the lid. This product has a glass lid which allows the user to check on food to enhance the end result of cooking. Glass is extremely sensitive to temperature changes. It will break upon strong shock or sudden temperature changes, for example, when put in cold water after being heated. Therefore, extra care is required at all times.

Pour some water into the grease gathering pan ( Drip Pan )?

Based on food type it is good idea to pour some water into the grease gathering pan for easy cleaning. A small amount of water in the oil receiver before cooking will make cleaning of the product easier (the quantity of water depends on the type of food).

Only Medium Heat ?

After covering a lid firmly you start to bake with medium or low heat (flame height:2~3cm). this product will allow you to cook your food with lower than medium heat

Burner size ?

when you use medium heat choose proper burner size which guides the flame into a center of a flame guidance hole.

If a flame is bigger than a flame guidance hole it will heat a grease gathering tray and cause to have smoke.

Use Glass Top lid of Gas stove ?

Caution, top lid are made of glass and is breakable. (Do not pour cold water on the lid while it is still hot.)

Before USE

Before first use, wash the entire product in dish-washing detergent using a sponge or a soft dish towel. This product can be used on household kitchen gas range or portable gas burner. It has limited use on other heating equipment that does not produce flames and rising heat, such as hot plate, halogen heat or induction cooker.

When cooking fat rich food

If you cook oily meat such as pork belly, you may need to empty the oil collected in the Drip Pan. First, turn off the gas stove then use the Heat Glove when you drain it.


While you are cooking high temperature heat and flame are passing through center of Grill Pan. Always turn your oven off before you open the cover.

Exposure to this heat may cause severe burns. DO NOT OPEN THE COVER WITHOUT FIRST TURNING THE BURNER OFF. For your safety, Please keep the Cover closed while the stovetop is burning. The Oven Cover and the Heat Deflector are extremely hot during cooking. Do not expose the Oven Cover to your body or place the cover on any surface that may be damaged by heat.